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13 Jun 2014

GitHub and BitBucket Single-Sign-On, Faster "New Project" Workflow

Do you want to analyze projects hosted on GitHub or BitBucket? We now support OAuth with these platforms, streamlining the analysis process a great deal.

We Hear You

Insight has always been agnostic as to where your code is hosted. Whether it's in a self-hosted Git server, in a public BitBucket project, or in a private GitHub repository, we analyze it. You just need to allow Insight to pull your code.

But that implies a lot of friction in the project addition process. We've received various feedbacks about that process, none was good. We've compared what we do with similar services, and Insight is notoriously harder to dig into. We've used our tool over and over, and we've been exasperated just like you to have to create an account, setup SSH keys, go through up to 10 steps before the analysis actually starts.

To say the least, adding a new project on Insight has always been a rough path. But adding a new project is the very first thing new users do. The impressions we gave during this first contact weren't encouraging.

Introducing GitHub and BitBucket Single-Sign-On via OAuth

We've just pushed the ability to add projects via GitHub and BitBucket directly, using their OAuth APIs. As a result, if your code is hosted by one of these platforms, you don't have to touch the keyboard anymore. In now takes about five clicks for a newcomer to launch an analysis. Five clicks, and less than a minute.

And once you've authorized SymfonyInsight to access your repositories hosted on GitHub or BitBucket, analyzing yet another project becomes extremely simple. Our user base uses GitHub a lot, so I hope that this huge improvement will ease your life.

Adding a Project Has Never Been Easier

We've also improved the usability of the project addition workflow in general, using a "wizard" approach. We've minimized the amount of information required to get started. We've simplified the process for every use case, including for those who host their code behind a firewall, and who need to push code to SymfonyInsight rather than let us pull the code.

We've done lots of user tests to validate our new design. We believe that adding a new project is not painful anymore, and it's even so easy that we've analyzed more and more projects ourselves!

Quality Made Simple

Our purpose has always been to improve PHP code quality in general. Without the pain of setting up a CI server yourself, and using a unique set of PHP and Symfony checks that no other platform provides, you can spot major weaknesses in your code in no time.

Now is the perfect time to give SymfonyInsight a try. Tell us what you think about out first contact workflow, and about the service in general.

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