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25 Aug 2014

Easier Analyses on GitHub Projects You Collaborate To

A few weeks ago we introduced Single Sign-On for GitHub and BitBucket repositories to speed up the analyses of your projects. Your feedback so far has been enthusiastic and that's why today we are introducing a simpler process to analyze projects that belong to GitHub organizations.

These days it's common to use the same GitHub account both for personal and professional projects. Indeed, most of our users belong to at least one GitHub organization, where they can collaborate on projects owned by other users.

Starting today, when you click on the Add Project button, the project listing will show not only your personal projects, but also the projects created by all the GitHub organizations you belong to (up to 100 projects):

If you are one of the administrators of the selected project, the analysis will begin as soon as you click on the Analyze button. The reason is that when you are an administrator, SymfonyInsight can automatically register a new SSH deploy key for you in the repository.

In case you are not an administrator, you'll see instead the following message:

As SymfonyInsight cannot register a deploy key in these cases, you either have to fork the project to your private account or you have to use the Private Git option to analyze the project. The latter is the most convenient way and that's why SymfonyInsight shows you the needed configuration.

We hope that this new feature will allow you to analyze the quality of all your organizations' projects and we'd love to get your feedback about it!

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