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15 Oct 2014

Introducing the SymfonyInsight PHPStorm plugin

Technical debt is a recent metaphor used in the software industry to refer to "the eventual consequences of poor system architecture or software development within a codebase". Following the metaphor, if the debt isn't repaid, then it will keep on accumulating interest, making it hard to implement changes later on.

When dealing with software, the total debt amount at a given moment is not that important as its evolution in time. SymfonyInsight premise is to analyze your code quality on a continuous basis to easily track the evolution of your technical debt.

In order to simplify the tracking of this evolution, we are proud to introduce the new PHPStorm plugin for SymfonyInsight. This new plugin seamlessly integrates SymfonyInsight analyses and reports into your favorite IDE.

Once installed, you'll see new markers that provide insights about the code quality violations introduced by each line of code:

Moreover, this plugin displays a new panel at the bottom of PHPStorm window that provides direct access to the most common tasks on SymfonyInsight:

Learn how to install this plugin and discover all its features reading our new tutorial about How to integrate SymfonyInsight into PHPStorm and the screencast published at PHPStorm's official blog.

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