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23 Jan 2015

Introducing faster code quality analysis

Wirth's law is a well-known computing adage coined by Niklaus Wirth which states that "software gets slower faster than hardware gets faster".

At SymfonyInsight we're committed to break this law as much as possible. In addition to upgrading our servers hardware on a regular basis, we are constantly optimizing our code analyses engine.

Most of the times, these code optimizations provide a small reduction in the time it takes to analyze projects. However, a few days ago we introduced an engine optimization that has reduced analysis time up to a third of the previous time.

The following chart plots the analysis duration for a project that contains about 180,000 lines of code and tens of code quality violations. The red line marks the moment when the new analysis engine was introduced:

Faster analyses mean that you'll get earlier feedback whenever your codebase introduces code quality violations. Therefore, your development team would be able to tackle quality problems as soon as they are introduced.

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