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15 Mar 2016

GitHub dropping API rate limiting: faster analyses

At the start of a SymfonyInsight analysis, we first get all of your project’s dependencies via Composer.

There’s two ways to do that. Either by downloading it via GitHub’s API, or via a git clone. The second option can be much more expensive in time.

When we released SymfonyInsight, GitHub had one limitation: 60 call per hour on the API. Given the huge number of analyses we run each hour, you can imagine that we didn’t have a choice but to git clone.

The great news, to some extent, is that we weren’t the only ones to face this issue. And the Drupal Community was the one to trigger the change. Nils and Jordi got in touch with the GitHub team, who had done some great job on their infrastructure meanwhile. They were able to drop the API rate limiting.

Right away, we changed our ComposerInstallScript.php file. Here's the diff: Composer Script diff

What’s in it for you? Faster analyses!


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