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02 Jun 2017

Unveiling a new analysis report for pull requests

As you may have noticed in the last blog posts, we are currently working on improving the integration of SymfonyInsight into GitHub.

A few months ago, we introduced pull requests analysis and commit status on GitHub. You can now configure conditions that check the quality of your project during your development process.

New failure conditions attached to pull requests ensure the quality of your project stay manageable on each individual pull request.

We continue in this direction by adding a new analysis view dedicated to GitHub pull requests. This new report displays violations related to the files modified in the pull request.

This feature is a major improvement for anyone using SymfonyInsight with GitHub as it will be much easier to find issues introduced in each pull request. We hope this feature will become your new ally during your next Pull Request reviews!

A smooth experience for GitHub users on SymfonyInsight

This new feature is a step towards a goal we are targeting since a few weeks: bringing a great and smooth user experience for GitHub users on SymfonyInsight.

This will lead us to many more modifications, including some not only targeting GitHub. We hope these changes will help you to increase your productivity and to focus as much as possible on what really matters: your business logic.

In the meantime, I would like to share with you a small screencast I made to show how quick it can be to set up SymfonyInsight for a Symfony project hosted on GitHub. Enjoy!

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