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01 Sep 2017

Introducing Slack and HipChat notifications

At SensioLabs, we understand how important is the integration of a quality assurance tool in your development process.

In the last few months, we introduced features to improve this aspect of SymfonyInsight: GitHub pull requests integration, analysis status favicons, documentation on how to compute statuses for your analyses, etc.

To go even further, we have added support for notifications. Notifications are simple configurations you can add to your projects to be notified directly in your favorite messaging app if an analysis succeeded or failed. For instance, you could add the following configuration to your project to be notified in Slack:

    - type: slack
      channel: '#insight'

You can learn more about notifications in the dedicated section of the documentation.

For now, we support Slack, HipChat and custom WebHooks. We plan to add support for other apps so don't hesitate to write a comment under this blog post to ask for one!

As always, if you have any issue, feel free to contact us using the "Contact us" button on the left side of each page of SymfonyInsight.


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