21 Dec 2018

Adding support for Symfony 4.2

SymfonyInsight is now able to analyze Symfony 4.2 applications

09 Nov 2018

New rule emphasizing the importance of SOLID principles

You should use interfaces instead of classes in your projects typehints.

22 Oct 2018

Introducing printable reports

Export and print quality reports using SymfonyInsight

01 Oct 2018

SensioLabsInsight becomes SymfonyInsight

SensioLabsInsight increases its focus by joining the Symfony family.

18 Sep 2018

Introducing new statistics tab

These statistics allow you to get a better view at your projects quality.

01 Sep 2017

Introducing Slack and HipChat notifications

Receive notifications from SymfonyInsight in Slack and HipChat

11 Aug 2017

Adding support for Symfony Flex

Analyze your Symfony Flex projects with SymfonyInsight

24 Jul 2017

Support for .env files

Support for .env files let you configure your project more easily

06 Jul 2017

Improved .sensiolabs.yml handling

We made everything configurable in the .sensiolabs.yml file

28 Jun 2017

Improving the project creation experience

We improved the project creation forms to be clearer and easier to use.

22 Jun 2017

Updating the favicon according to the analysis status

You can see if your analysis succeeded directly from your browser tab.

13 Jun 2017

Adding a search engine to the documentation

The new documentation can now be explored even more quickly.

06 Jun 2017

Improving our documentation

The documentation has been reorganized to be clearer and more readable.

02 Jun 2017

Unveiling a new analysis report for pull requests

SymfonyInsight provides analysis reports dedicated to pull requests.

31 May 2017

Introducing new failure conditions related to the current PR

With the introduction of the SymfonyInsight commit status on GitHub, you can configure conditions that check the quality of your project. We added variables related to the current pull request in these conditions.

02 Feb 2017

Updating deprecation rules for PHP 7.2

Following the acceptance of the PHP 7.2 deprecation RFC, we updated the SymfonyInsight deprecation rules

07 Nov 2016

Introducing the SymfonyInsight commit status on GitHub

Now available: get your analysis results straight to GitHub, and never merge poor code anymore.

27 Jul 2016

Introducing new rules for PHP 7 and Symfony

A few months ago, we added the support for PHP 7 projects in SymfonyInsight. Today, we are glad to announce the addition of several new rules concerning PHP 7 and the upcoming Symfony.

15 Mar 2016

GitHub dropping API rate limiting: faster analyses

Thanks to the Drupal Community, Composer team and GitHub, we could change our dependency management strategy. And your analyses keep being faster, with simple changes on our side.

11 Jan 2016

PHP7 projects analysis support

You can now analyse PHP7 projects with SymfonyInsight!

06 Jan 2016

Symfony 3 projects analysis support

You can now analyse Symfony3 projects with SymfonyInsight!

23 Jan 2015

Introducing faster code quality analysis

SymfonyInsight has introduced some big optimizations to its code analysis engine that reduce the analysis duration up to a third of its previous time.

22 Dec 2014

Making a Symfony application bootable again with Doctrine DBAL 2.5

DBAL 2.5 introduced a change that is making a lot of applications not bootable in SymfonyInsight. Learn how to fix this problem and how to make your application bootable again.

04 Nov 2014

Technical debt of the most relevant PHP projects

SymfonyInsight analyzes PHP projects and calculates an estimation of their technical debt. Tracking the evolution of this value is important to know if your project is improving or deteriorating.

20 Oct 2014

New plans, more documentation and unlimited collaborators

SymfonyInsight introduces new plans which are more affordable and provide more features. In addition, Symfony-related rules documentation is now public and business plans will be allowed an unlimited number of collaborators.

15 Oct 2014

Introducing the SymfonyInsight PHPStorm plugin

The new PHPStorm plugin for SymfonyInsight seamlessly integrates the code quality analyses and reports into your favorite PHP IDE.

29 Aug 2014

Introducing new rules for static methods and interfaces

This week we've added two new code quality checks for PHP applications. The first one detects wrong uses of $this on static methods. The second one checks that interface classes use the Interface suffix.

25 Aug 2014

Easier Analyses on GitHub Projects You Collaborate To

SymfonyInsight adds full support of GitHub organizations to allow you to analyze any project you collaborate to.

29 Jul 2014

Goodbye, Chocolate Medals

An automated analyzer always has false positives. We're acknowledging this fact today by removing the concept of "chocolate medal".

26 Jun 2014

Introducing the Insight Score

In addition to the existing medal and remediation cost, each project is now graded on a 20 to 100 quality scale. Check out what the Insight Score tells about a project.

13 Jun 2014

GitHub and BitBucket Single-Sign-On, Faster "New Project" Workflow

Do you want to analyze projects hosted on GitHub or BitBucket? We now support OAuth with these platforms, streamlining the analysis process a great deal.

11 Apr 2014

Branch Analysis Made Easier

You can already analyze a non-master branch, but we've refined the way you can launch and visualize branch analyses.

12 Feb 2014

Jenkins integration

SymfonyInsight provides out-of-the-box Jenkins integration, which can be used to display analysis results inside Jenkins reports and to improve your application deployment process.

20 Dec 2013

Counting Lines

Many checks done by the Insight analysis engine rely on an accurate count of the number of lines in your code. But how does Insight count lines of code? What if you add comments or whitespace? It doesn't matter, as we normalize your code before counting its line. Read on to learn how.

03 Dec 2013

Introducing Monthly Reports

How can you get a bird's eye view of the overall quality evolution of all your projects? We're glad to introduce monthly reports, a fast and efficient way to be alerted when the software quality decreases.

28 Nov 2013

A new batch of rules

We keep on adding new rules to better qualify your applications. Read on to discover the new rules enabled this week.

10 Nov 2013

Continuous Quality Feedbacks for your Projects

Thanks to the SymfonyInsight API, it's dead easy to trigger a new analysis each time you push some code to a repository.

09 Nov 2013

Analyzing a Project depending on MongoDB

A lot of your users are using MongoDB in their projects, and until now, composer with a dependency on MongoDB would fail. Read-on to learn how to fix that easily.

08 Nov 2013

First Round Of Improvements Based On Your Feedback

We've gathered a lot of feedback from private beta users. This has allowed us to refine the features you love the most, add missing features, fix bugs, and most importantly: add new rules to the analyzer. Here is a wrap-up of the major improvements to SymfonyInsight since the first release.

22 Oct 2013

The Private Beta Opens

We've been developing SensioLabs Insight in stealth mode for months. Now it's time to confront our ideas with your usage, get your feedback, and iterate further.