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22 Oct 2013

The Private Beta Opens

SensioLabs has been hard at work for almost a year to design, develop, test, and polish our very first SaaS product. Today, we're very happy to finally release the first beta version of SensioLabs Insight, our quality insurance service for PHP applications.

First of all, since we're in the beta stage, the product is far from perfect. However, we value feedback, as early as possible. So please share your experience with us using the "feedback" button present on every page - whether for bugs, missing features, UI problems, and also of course if you think that the product fits your needs.

If you read this, it means you have been granted an account with five free private projects and unlimited Open-Source projects. When creating a project, only check the "Open-Source" checkbox if you want other people to get access to your analyses. If you need more than five private projects, contact us to explain your case and we will try to get you more. Also, choose the type of your project carefully as our analysis engine behaves differently based on this setting.

The product evolves very fast as we deploy a new version every day. So don't hesitate to come back often and re-analyse your projects, even if you did not made big changes to your code. You will notice that SensioLAbs Insight helps not only assessing the current state of your code, but also its evolution trends.

That's it! Go to, connect with your SensioLabsConnect account, and analyse your first project! We are thrilled to have you be part of our private beta and we are looking forward to receiving your feedback on our work.

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