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03 Dec 2013

Introducing Monthly Reports

Quality control is a voluntary process: assess the quality of a project, make it better, until it reaches an acceptable level. Quality assurance, on the other hand, is a different matter. Quality assurance is a continuous process running in the background, producing the lowest noise possible, but raising an alert as soon as the acceptable quality threshold is crossed.

SymfonyInsight is a quality assurance tool. We've put a lot of thinking into this, to determine when SymfonyInsight should alert you, and what feedback it should provide. You can already configure a SymfonyInsight analysis after every commit, but that may bring up too much noise. While not enough notifications implies missed opportunities to detect and solve a major issue, too many notifications may result in ignored alerts.

Today, we're introducing a new major feature that we think you're going to love: Monthly Reports. Once a month, SymfonyInsight analyzes all the projects you've registered, compares the result with the previous monthly analysis, and summarizes the differences.

Once a month, you will receive a single email from SymfonyInsight for all your projects, containing a bird's eye view of the software quality evolution over the past month. It shows the evolution of the technical debt per project, the lost and earned medals, the number of new and fixed violations. We've designed this email to go right to the point; it provides just the information you need. Here is an example of how it looks:

Monthly Report email

Monthly analyses are triggered automatically, once for every user and for every project. These analyses appear with a special ribbon in your dashboard, so don't be surprised if you see analyses that you didn't trigger yourself:

Monthly Analysis on one project

Even without actively controlling your projects on SymfonyInsight, you will be able to monitor the quality evolution, and make the right decision at the right time. Incidentally, since we keep on adding new rules every week, that means that you will be alerted if one of your projects has new violations due to these new rules, even if the code doesn't change.

We are rolling out the feature for every user progressively, so check your inbox for a new SymfonyInsight email this month. If you're eager to see what it looks like, head for the Public Analyses section and check already executed monthly analyses. And don't hesitate to give us your feedback about the Monthly Report feature!

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