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06 Jan 2016

Symfony 3 projects analysis support

In the past year, we’re happy to have brought you a solid and stable service. We haven’t added much features, but we took a lot of care about quality of service, by building more reliable infrastructures and queues handling. The main impact for you as end users has been: analyses launching and executing faster.

End of 2015, two major breakthroughs happened in the PHP world: PHP7 and Symfony3. We of course had to support it in SymfonyInsight.

You can now simply analyse Symfony 3 projects, just like you used to analyse Symfony2, Laravel, Drupal, etc.

Follow our getting started tutorial, and select Symfony3 Web Project at step 2.

Stay tuned for PHP7 support!

Don’t hesitate to drop us a message to if you face any issue.


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